“What is an All-Night Communion of Reparation Vigil?

Technically, this is called the First Friday-First Saturday Communion of Reparation which is held every month as an act of communal reparation of all families consecrated to the Two Hearts for all the sins committed against the sanctity of family life.  This includes abortion, contraception, homosexuality, divorce, immorality and licentiousness in general, and desecration of the Sacrament of Marriage.  It hopes to restore holiness in the home.  With the four elements as part of the overnight program, families come together in the parish and celebrate this night of reparation with their parish priest or pastor.  This monthly family affair becomes a great occasion for families to be encouraged to return to the sacramental life of the parish.  Through these two activities, the Home Enthronement and the First Friday-First Saturday All-Night Reparation Vigil, the AHFI answers John Paul II’s challenge to make every family Eucharistic-centered and Marian.

Alliance of the Two Hearts Vigils

Click here to see advert and the details of the vigils in the provinces in 2020.

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  1. Is there vigil clonmel area wud like to know jus in case tis site has not up date recently thanks tipperary clonmel

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