History of the Irish Alliance

The following is a letter received from Fr. Edgardo Arellano (Fr. Bing) explaining the history and theological purpose of the Alliance of the Two Hearts:

Dear Friends in Christ,May the love and peace of Jesus and Mary be always with you.The family today is very much under attack more than ever. Pope John Paul II’s encyclical, Evangelium Vita (1995), arts 7, 12, speaks about a conspiracy against life, which advocates a culture of death. It is a culture without God and the sense of sin. With such a culture, members of families are used as sex objects and therefore they are easily broken for the absence of committed love.

Two Hearts - Mary and Jesus

When families are broken, as the unit cell of the Church and society, we have a broken society or broken church.

In Ez 36:24-28, we are promised by God of a New Covenant, unlike the one’s broken by Adam and Eve. Yahweh God promised to cleanse us from our impurities and change our stony heart into a heart of flesh. He promises to give us a new heart, new spirit, and a new law. If we remain faithful to Him, He will be our God and we shall be His People.


God reiterates to have this new covenant in Jeremiah 31:31-33. The covenant promised in the Old Testament is between God and the People of God.The prophecy of Ezechiel and Jeremiah is fulfilled at the annunciation. When Mary said her “Fiat” to the angel Gabriel (Lk 1:28-38, Christ became incarnated. This is the beginning of man’s redemption.This too is the beginning of the Alliance of the Two Hearts. Pope John Paul II, in his Insegnamenti di Giovanni Paolo Secondo, 15 September, 1985, said: “With Mary’s “fiat”: the blood from Her Heart gave birth to the Heart of Jesus. The incarnation marks the two hearts beating at the same time. However, the Alliance of the Two Hearts was sealed at the foot of the cross. In John 19: 25-27, Jesus called Mary: “Woman, behold thy son; son behold thy Mother.”

In John 19:34, Pope John Paul II teaches: “When the soldier pierced the Heart of Jesus, Mary’s heart was also pierced by a sword as prophesied by Simeon in Lk 2:35. From the heart of Jesus flows blood and water. Water symbolizes baptism while blood symbolizes the Eucharist. At this moment, the Alliance of the Two Hearts was sealed. Both Jesus and Mary shed their life for the redemption of many.

God’s love therefore in the Alliance is redemptive. Christ assumed our sins and our punishments so that we could reconcile with the Father and be cast out from the evil one. Christ’s love for us is therefore redemptive love. To enter the Alliance of the Two Hearts, there has to be a committed love. It is a love that offers even his life for the redemption of many.

When Pope John Paul II tells the whole world to join the program of the Alliance of the Two Hearts, he wants all to have a committed love—to offer one’s life in union with the Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary for the redemption of one another. In the culture of death one member of the family uses another as a sex object. Here, in the Alliance of the Two Hearts, one commits himself to love one another unto death. Thus healing of brokenness occurs.The Alliance of the holy Family International was born in response to Pope John Paul II invitation to make the Alliance of the Two Hearts known, understood and loved throughout the world. (Cf. International Theological Symposium at Fatima, September 22, 1986). This family movement aims to sanctify the family by the committed love of Jesus and Mary. The family is sanctified by consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and by living the Eucharistic centered, Communion of Reparation with its four elements (rosary, confession, communion and holy hours.) This movement advocates committed love. It is also called victimhood of love for the redemption of our loved ones in the family.“No greater love a man has than to give up one’s life for his friend” (Jn 15:13). If families are broken because of lack of committed love, Our Lady of Fatima, an approved apparition by the Church, promised to Sister Lucia dos Santos, that a family who practices consecration and lives the communion of reparation lifestyle everyday, will experience the era of peace. Brokenness once healed in the family will bring unity, peace, joy and serenity.

God bless,

Father Edgardo Arellano (Fr. Bing)

Copyright © 2003

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